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Playa Del Fuego

Welcome Home!

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This is a community dedicated to the discussing and debating anything having to do with Playa Del Fuego (and anything else that may be of interest). Got a great idea for a theme camp? Need some help with a costume? How about an event that may be of interest? Or just reminiscing about the last burn.

This community was created by fuego (no, the event was not named for them) and is now being maintained by peregrin8 and tommx.

All we ask is...

1. Be respectful.

2. If you are going to post anything that might not be safe for work, PLEASE put it behind a cut with a warning.

3. If you're going to post large or many graphics, please put those behind a cut too.

4. If you're going to post about anything, um...questionable, or pictures containing nudity, please put them in a friends-only post, and pictures behind a cut with a warning.

5. Respect other people's privacy. There are people who could get in trouble, lose their jobs and whatnot over this kind of thing due to misunderstandings, misinformation and goodness knows what else. So unless you have explicit permission, leave out identifying details, use only first names or nicknames...commonsense stuff.

6. No spam!
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