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Dome Progress - 99 and 44/100% Completed!

2V Dome Struts

Today, bay_retriever and denimwizard came over to smash, drill, bend, clean, and paint the last remaining struts for the 2V Dome project, completing it ahead of schedule!

The dome was built to serve as an enclosure for us to use at Playa del Fuego for hanging out in and changing into and out of fursuit. For those of you who will be at PDF, the dome will be located at the base of the 20' Tower in the theme camp area. When the dome is set up, it will be covered with tarps, insulated using blankets and chilled via a 9,000 BTU portable A/C unit.

In the photo to the right, you can clearly see the 35 "A" struts (blue) which measure 5.3' in length. What you can't see very well are the 30 "B" struts (red) underneath the A struts which measure 4.7' in length.

Construction pics
2V Dome Assembly Diagram
Dome Building Website

I will assemble the dome in the backyard tomorrow and post pictures of the completed dome.

Thanks to bay_retriever, denimwizard, skandranontbg, davinwarter, and ferian for working on the dome with me!

See you all at PDF!
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