Artemisia Synchroma (neopolaris) wrote in playadelfuego,
Artemisia Synchroma

PDF Ticket Art Submissions

Hi, my name is Joanna, and I'm responsible for getting our tickets printed up this year.
I'm now accepting art submissions for potential use on the tickets:

-Traditionally or digitally created art or photographs are all welcome.
-Images should be sent as 300 dpi .tiff or .jpg (saved at full quality) files.
-Images may be any size or proportion. I will be cropping them as necessary and adding the required text.
-All subjects are welcome, the image need not be explicitly PDF related.
-Multiple submissions from the same person are welcome, although they may not all be used.
-Please be sure to include the name by which you'd like to be credited if your image is used.
-Send submissions to as attachments or links!

Deadline for submissions is MARCH 10, 2007. However, SOONER is always better!

Please re-post or forward to anyone who may be interested!
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